About us

The Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels focuses on contributing to the implementation of the International Human Rights agenda at the local (municipal) and regional levels. The Centre concretely works towards the goals of Agenda 2030 and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Particularly SDG 11 on making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, addresses the local level and is thereby in the focus of the Centre’s work programme. When it comes to programming and a multi-governance, multi-agency approach, the Centre anchors its efforts in a human-rights based approach to reach the local level and to thereby promote and guarantee the human rights enjoyment of rights-holders. This is what links the Centre’s work to the SDG on inclusive cities. In its work concept, the Centre addresses all stakeholders. However, the main priority of the Centre’s measures and activities is put on local authorities.

The overall purpose of promoting human rights enjoyment is pursued by the objectives of creating awareness about human rights in local policy-making and implementation, furthering empowerment, participation in, and claiming of human rights. Additionally, the Centre seeks to foster human rights promotional policy-making and capacity building through the development and introduction of appropriate measures to establish (human rights) effective structures and procedures for policy-making and implementation. These measures in turn help to results that comply with respective international human rights standards.

Within a global, regional, sub-regional and inter-regional scope, the work of the Centre encompasses:

  • Research
  • Capacity-building (consulting and training)
  • Establishing a clearing house and
  • International cooperation (networking)