The International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Level is hosted by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC). This development represents an expansion of the ETC’s scope, with a stronger focus on international projects and activities. You can find more information on this new orientation here.

The European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) was founded in Graz, Austria in 1999 with the concrete task of implementing the Graz human rights city process, and to foster human rights education. The ETC is engaged in questions of human rights enforcement and democracy in both a theoretical and a practical manner.

The work of the ETC is grounded in research, education, trainings, and consulting. Capacity building for human rights at the local level has been implemented for more than 100 cities and regions since its foundation. Besides conducting lectures, workshops and training programmes, the ETC publishes scientific and educational materials, reports, papers and books. The interdisciplinary approach employed by the Centre links all aspects of democracy and human rights on the levels of research and transfer of knowledge, building skills, and shaping attitudes.

An intensive cooperation is established between the ETC and the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security at the University of Graz, in order to best achieve the goals set in the effort of fostering human rights at local and regional levels worldwide.