The International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels is a hub for knowledge and exchange. The Centre brings together practitioners, academics, members from civil society, institutions and other organisations, to harness expertise on local human rights and to translate insights into concrete policy recommendations. As international platform, the Centre provides an arena for dialogue in the form of various events, programmes and initiatives.

The Centre highly welcomes all forms of thematically relevant cooperation, and exchange. For further information, please contact us directly.

2021 Winter Academy and Conference on Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels

The Winter Academy and Conference on Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels aims to support inclusive social development and equitable societies by mobilising knowledge on how to base public policy-making at the local level on scientific evidence through tailored human rights research. The 2021 edition is envisaged to take place in Graz, Austria in spring 2021 under the motto “Field-proven research methods on human rights”.

The five-day event will bring together local authorities, human rights experts (including civil society), academia and researchers and is dedicated to all aspects of local human rights research and its relevance for evidence-based policy making on city level. It is split into three-four days of academy (featuring input) and one day of conference in which key results are presented and a Declaration on the topic is to be adopted by local authorities.

Concrete objectives of the 2021 Winter Academy include:

  • stimulating expert exchange on field-proven practices of human rights research among experts, in particular local authorities, human rights institutions, academics, and civil society organisations
  • taking stock of field-proven human research methods at the local level and share this knowledge with young researchers
    encouraging the development and testing of proven/refined/novel research approaches in different city contexts
  • strengthening the links between research and policy-making: communicating to local level authorities how applied human rights research can foster evidence-informed decision-making
  • engaging local authorities as duty bearers and addressees of research findings and motivate them to initiate pilot applications

More information will become available in due time.