Toolkit on Sports for Social Inclusion and Integration now online

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new chapter of the Toolkit for Equality, a manual to assist cities in implementing local policies that successfully counteract racism and racial discrimination.

The new chapter, Sports for Social Inclusion and Integration, brings together lessons learned from successful strategies in Bologna (Italy), Dortmund and Potsdam (Germany), Esch sur Alzette (Luxembourg), Graz (Austria), and Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

Sports can help to reduce discrimination and exclusion, as well as promote equality of opportunity, especially by including marginalized populations. Sports are a playful means to meet and integrate people from different social groups, to educate democratic ideas, and to practice human rights.

The chapter contains in-depth guidance on how to implement such activities in different cities from concept through evaluation, as well as practical examples of effective initiatives and tips on how to overcome implementation obstacles. Politicians, sports departments, schools, sports clubs, and civil society organizations can all benefit from it.

The chapter is available for download here. More information and further chapters of the Toolkit for Equality can be found here.