Facilitating access to and exchange of information

The Centre prioritises multi-stakeholder cooperation and the exchange of expertise. Therefore, the Centre offers a forum for the planning, evaluation and exchange of experiences, insights and best practices. It seeks to promote a human rights-based approach for solving societal challenges. All activities contribute to the cooperation of relevant players on the international, regional, and national level who are engaged in the implementation of human rights.

Educational services

The Centre provides several information resources and services to stakeholders from the areas government, administration, academia, civil society, and the public. It is possible to book senior experts from the Centre for seminars, workshops and lectures in which relevant knowledge on human rights is transmitted to broad audiences. Thematic areas include human rights, sexism, racism, anti-discrimination, human rights and business, human rights education, (online) hate speech, and more.


  • The Centre is an active contributor to various academies, conferences and seminar series. Most recent activities include hosting a seminar on “Human rights and the City” at the University of Middleburg (the Netherlands) summer school, and a lecture on the “Interrelatedness of sustainability, quality of life and human rights” at the Graz Annual China Forum.

One of the core competencies of the Centre is to build bridges between various policy levels, stakeholders and spheres of expertise. The Centre therefore offers regular networking activities in various formats, including conferences, academies, and summer/winter schools, which welcome the participation of external stakeholders.

Current networking events are available here.