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Cities and municipalities are the public authorities closest to their citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to implement human rights at the local level to ensure that no one is left behind. What are concrete ways for local governments and stakeholders to strengthen their commitment to human rights? To answer this question, we want to draw together efforts from across the world aiming at fostering commitments to human rights at the local level.

We want to hear from human rights professionals and practitioners striving to make human rights a reality at the local level. We encourage cities, city networks, international organisations, as well as intermediaries from think tanks, academia, civil society, and national/regional organisations to apply. Further, we are eager to welcome members of the next generation who are interested in pursuing a career in human rights.

Application form Academy2022
Please explain: Why do you want to participate in the Academy and what is your background? How will the Academy benefit from your contribution? What do you expect to gain from the Academy?
You are expected to take part in the entire event and, if possible, actively participate and share your expertise/experiences (method, tool, lesson learnt,...) on how to strengthen local authorities' commitment to human rights. The setting will be an informal workshop setting, therefore there is no need for a formal presentation. Simply share your practical experiences. Please use this box to outline what you can contribute and explain how it fits the aims of the event.
Data protection: I understand and agree that the submitted personal data is only used for the purpose of organizing the event in full accordance with the Centre's data protection policies. The data submitted through this form is only accessible and processed by the event organizers. No data is shared with third parties.

The selection of participants is based on:

  • Quality and relevance of motivation statement
  • Experience of applicant
  • Usability of proposed contribution for the Academy’s objectives and the Outcome Document
  • Geographical balance / gender balance