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“Human Rights Go Local: What Works”

Do you see yourself as a future change-maker? Are you part of the next generation of human rights practitioners? Join us at the upcoming online Academy and Conference “Human Rights Go Local – What Works”!

The online Academy and Conference 2024 offer an in-depth look into the potential of action plans at the local level to realise human rights. Action plans are tailored roadmaps for change and contain specific goals and methods to uphold human rights. For the next generation of human rights practitioners, we offer the opportunity to engage in first-hand discussions with local policy-makers and government officials on how action plans can help local governments be accountable. Let us shape the future of human rights together!


Why attend?

  1. Engage with local authorities, international experts, policymakers, and human rights practitioners from around the globe
  2. Get access to the plenary sessions during the Academy and receive input from established human rights practitioners
  3. Take part in exclusive mentoring sessions with members of international organizations and local authorities
  4. Contribute to the Academy’s working groups that tackle real-world challenges and develop actionable recommendations
  5. Gain practice-relevant insights into the development and implementation of human rights action plans at the local level
  6. Present critical questions and recommendations to high-level policy-makers and human rights practitioners


Special offers for next generation participants:

  • Day 1: Mentoring Session with a member of an international organization
  • Day 2: Mentoring Session with a member of a local authority
  • Day 3: Exclusive Next-Gen working group on the needs and potentials of human rights action plans at the local level
  • Day 4: High-Level Conference & Networking Day using the online tool “gathertown”



Please note that registering here automatically registers you to take part in the entire Academy and Conference 2024 as well as the next generation sessions.

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