2023 Human Rights Report of Graz now available in English!

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The 2023 Human Rights Report of Graz by the Human Rights Advisory Board of the City represents the sixteenth edition of its kind, showcasing the Human Rights City of Graz’s dedication to upholding fundamental human rights principles.

At its core, this Report serves as a beacon of transparency and accountability, offering a comprehensive overview of Graz’s current human rights landscape. Drawing insights from a diverse cohort of over 200 local stakeholders, including city administration departments, civil society organizations, academic institutions, political entities, and the judiciary and law enforcement entities, it explores pertinent challenges and local best practice examples shaping Graz’s human rights terrain at present.

Moreover, the 2023 Report shines a spotlight on all e-government services provided by the city through a specialized human rights lens. By assessing the accessibility, availability, adaptability, and acceptability of these services, the Report’s focus chapter underscores Graz’s commitment to ensuring that digital advancements are aligned with fundamental human rights principles, leaving no one behind.

As we navigate the complexities of our modern society, the 2023 Human Rights Report of Graz provides a roadmap for progress. It concludes with a set of meticulously crafted recommendations by the members of the Human Rights Advisory Council, addressed directly to the city government and city council, aimed at bridging identified human rights gaps and fostering an inclusive environment where the rights of all residents are respected and protected.

We invite you to delve into the insights and recommendations presented in the 2023 Human Rights Report. Together, let us continue our journey towards a more just, human rights-respecting, and resilient city.

You can access the concise English version here: https://www.graz.at/cms/dokumente/10152653_7771447/62b1b5f9/MRB23_Kurzbericht_EN.pdf

Follow this link for the original German long version: https://www.graz.at/menschenrechtsbericht2023